Connections for calls and support for tablets

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Share it has announced a new function that will be available from now on: it is possible to create a link or connection Join a call or video call. In other words, by sending this link to friends, family or work colleagues, they can join your group call with one click.

This is undoubtedly another step for WhatsApp to compete with popular group video conferencing apps and platforms, especially in the world of work and education, such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams. For WhatsApp, you can share this link to join the calls of up to 32 users. Also, the same Zuckerberg announced They are testing the possibility of making group and encrypted video calls of up to 32 users, breaking the current limit of video calls of up to 8 users.

The ability to create links for calls on WhatsApp is gradually rolling out to all users worldwide starting today, so stay tuned for its arrival any time in the next few days..

On the other hand, people WABetaInfo It has also discovered that the messaging platform is officially allowed to test WhatsApp on Android tablets, connects login and account to the main phone, but works independently. In other words, once the tablet is connected to a WhatsApp account, it can send and receive messages and files, participate in calls (basically, use all the functions of WhatsApp), turn on the phone or connect to the network. As of now, only the lucky few who have access to the beta version of WhatsApp have access to this new feature.

This is part of the support for multiple devices that WhatsApp is working on, when it is ready and available to all users, it will allow two smartphones and up to four devices to connect independently, something that can already be done. , for example, in the desktop version and the web version of WhatsApp. The company has yet to announce when this long-awaited feature will be available to all users worldwide, but at least with this preview of tablet support, we can hope it’s close.

Image for article titled What's New in WhatsApp: Links for Calls and Support for Tablets

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