Conmepol – International Football – Pitana will be out of the list of International Referees for Sports

At 46, they are still in the country, despite having bad memories Nestor Pitana For his performance BrazilColombia Since the last Copa America, the Argentine referee has been highly valued internationally.

He was able to unleash great dissatisfaction when the AFA (Argentine Football Association) decided to remove him from the list of international referees in that country for 2022 due to his age.

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According to El Clarin’s newspaper, Pitana (whistleblower in the Copa Libertadores final between Palmeiras and Flamenco) met with Federico Beligo, a former referee and national refereeing director in Argentina.

Conmebol maintains it

Nestor Pitana questioned the outcome of the Brazil vs match. Colombia.

“I do not understand, Federico. (Patricio) Lustov and (Mauro) Vigliano are 46 years old like me and will continue to direct internationally,” they promise, who also officiated at the 2018 World Cup final. Russia.

Vigliano will now be in charge of the VAR, while Loustau will continue as field judge.

Despite the AFA’s decision not to retain Pitana internationally, Conmepol and FIFA continue to rely on the Argentine judge because he remains at the top of the federation’s list in terms of physical and technical condition and tested abilities. The first days of January each year in Asuncion, where Conmepol is headquartered.

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AFA 39 hired Pablo Echavarria to replace Pitana. On the Vigliano side of the field, Yael Falcón Pérez, a young 32-year-old referee, enters to represent Argentina.

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Clarin concludes by saying that there is a history of referees with international action who are not appointed by their countries: Periguels Pasol Cortes of Brazil, Jr. was in the VAR of the match between Barranquilla and Liberto from Paraguay, he did not record. CBF.


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