“Comrades”, the new collection by Rocca Luis César y Mughal at Originario

Life companions They are those who are in different situations. It doesn’t matter if it’s celebrations, chaotic days or simply during the most integral moments of the day, the real moments are always there. But also everything that cannot be seen is present, such as experiences and feelings, and in fact, this is the central axis of the textile collection that Originario adorns this season.companions“.

This creation is a collaboration between Roca Luis Cesare and Mogul, Which consists of a series of textiles that carry the artist’s own message, in addition to the most complex and rigorous workmanship, without forgetting the place in which they are displayed. Today, we have an amazing combination of design, technologies, concepts and colors that provide peace and a lot of versatility to those who own them.

The collaboration traces the history of Roca Luis Cesare.Original courtesy.

A love letter to many stories

The collection consists of a series of rugs Designed by Roca Luis Cesar, created by Ana Tesada de Mugall and presented by Original; This means that it is a series of Mexican talents that intertwine to begin what will become a time capsule in the future. “Companions” is a mixture of artistsBut also creativity, craft and design. All in one rug (or several) that is perfect for any space it is placed in, whether as decor, or as a reminder of how wonderful life is.

“The Companions” is the name Roca gave themBecause everything comes from your mind, especially your memory. He started with the idea of ​​having a visual as well as tactile experience, so that it would become a perfect piece for anyone by exploring textures, colors and design. Thus, Rocca has appropriated his narratives, techniques and strokes as an appreciation for his work in recent years. Therefore, the design is evidence of its own stories and some organic characters that accompany the craftsmanship itself.

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