“Communication is the science of the present and the future”

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In Cienfuegos, the Cuban Association for Social Communication (ACCS) will hold its regional assembly on Thursday, ahead of the national event to be held in December. The period evaluated corresponds to the year 2017 to 2023, a period marked by the COVID-19 pandemic. By the way, September 5 Conversations with the President of ACCS in the Region, Balbina González Sijas:

“It is an interesting phase that we are evaluating, because in addition to the pandemic, in which we tested the possibilities of communication in campaigns against Covid-19, the Communications lawcreate and standardize instituteEmphasizing that this science is part of the pillars of government administration in the country.

“At this time we have not stopped managing knowledge through the courses and workshops taught by our specialists and the Creative Circle of Cienfuegos, ranging from technical topics to photography, design and other knowledge that constitutes communication, from institutional practices to shared practices and we have found a lot of acceptance.” From members and non-members of ACCS.

This association, founded in 1991, has a legal personality and assets of its own, and brings together professionals who meet the requirements stipulated in the statute. In Cienfuegos there are 119 members, who maintain active involvement in the community through communications.

“Here ACCS maintains close relationships of collaboration and feedback with the University of Cienfuegos, with the program and with the faculty and students, who already interact with us since the first year from the regular daily session and through meetings; in addition, we receive those who come from UCLV in Pre-professional training periods and as workers, in this way, we have close relationships with the callers, since their training.

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What expectations are you going into this regional meet?

“In order to strengthen the work of the Association, we will analyze the shortcomings that affected the operation during the period to be evaluated, and at the same time we will draw from the Association the design of new business lines, the correct implementation of the Telecommunications Law, and the increase in the number of members, among other aspects.

“During the last Exposur, ACCS participated in the judging panel and received the Best Award stands up It is an exhibition gallery of institutional communication and promotion, and the winners of the award are the International Medical Services of Cienfuegos. We want to participate and promote events like this, and we work in this line, because communication is the science of the present and the future in contemporary Cuban society.”

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