Comics, anime and science fiction collect hundreds of fans in Caracas

CARACAS, July 15 (EFE). – Comics, anime, superheroes and sci-fi, among other genres, gather hundreds of artists and fans of the world of animation in Caracas, where from Saturday to Sunday, the twentieth edition of Comic-Con, an entertainment event in Venezuela, is celebrated.

The three floors of a space set up in one of the capital’s shopping malls were filled with people of different ages, many of them so-called “cosplayers,” who walked through aisles with platforms on either side, where vendors offered collectible dolls, clothing, accessories, and chains. Keys, comics and endless merchandise from different stories and characters.

Among others, they were represented during the first of the two days of the event.

Oris Marquez, one of the participants, told EFE she was excited for the first time because she decided to overcome her “sadness” and dress as one of her favorite characters, Avatar Kyoshi.

“I’ve been doing this for nine months now. I actually came to conferences and was happy as they were, so I said I’d love to do the same. I’d never dared do it before because I felt sorry and it scared me, but I got over it and said, well, it’s now.” Or never, and here I am enjoying it.”

For her, the purpose of attending and participating in an event like Comic-Con is to “have fun” and “connect” with people who like the same thing as her, and it is a space in which she can express her passion for this universe of stories. Exact feel.

During this Saturday, activities such as dances, songs, board games, video games, quizzes, live performances, and translations are also performed.

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