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The modern version of the 1994 soap opera, “”, The channel is close to airing its final episode via RCN, which airs to the public in the United States and Colombia. In this series Laura Landono, William Levy and , Caviota, Lucia and Sebastian in the roles, respectively.

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The audience expresses their opinion in each chapter Social WebsitesAfter each broadcast, much is said about the low rating created by the love story He rejected Giordanelli In the above countries.

But why is that said “Girl-scented coffee” Although it had a large fan base on the Internet, it did not reach a large audience. Next, find out the theory that the actress has Velasquez lights, Who are playing Julia de Vallejo In melodrama.

The series stars Laura Landono, William Levy and Carmen Villalopos as Caviota, Lucia and Sebastian (Photo: Telemundo)

Low rating peaks

New version of created soap operaR. Fernando is the hand It was not as successful as other versions released many years ago. In fact, in Telemundo, the show has remained the least watched series on the special schedule since its inception, if only the projects aired by are taken into account. University and Telemundo.

What Velasquez says

In this regard, the artist who gives life to the mother of the protagonist has a very interesting description of what happened on the Colombian show, and revealed it in a live broadcast he did. Fernando Fabian Sermiento, Author of the book “History of Colombian Television”, In your account Instagram:

“At this time I believe that the rating measure is not a realistic adjustment, because people are already watching programs so that people do not already see the ads, because the system has already changed, because people are already looking at the computer screen you can already connect to, for a thousand reasons, that rating scale is too much for me. It seems like a relative thing. ”

What he said about his character

Velasquez He also used the opportunity to talk about the character he played and the racist and class behavior he displayed throughout the aired episodes:

“I do not think Julia is a bad woman. I believe Julia is a wrong woman, she does not want to enter the dynamics of the change of the century and her children. She is finally going to achieve it, but it will be a very, very strong blow. Can ”.

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