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A remake of the soap opera “Just like the original version released in 1994. ” The protagonists in the fiction are William Levy and Laura Landono, and next to them it is the enemy. . What caught the attention of many about this election was that the Colombian actress, who was part of a huge success like “The End of Heaven”, was not chosen as the protagonist of the story. But there is a reason …

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In the latest version of “Girl-scented coffee”, Villalobos will play Lucia Sandoval, A character that is not very common in the Colombian actress, is characterized by the nature of her hostility. In his 20-year career, he had the opportunity to turn his work around, well, he always had the role of the main character, but this time he was the villain.

Despite this, she still has the support of followers who show that she loves everyone so much. This does not mean when they were surprised Telemundo Began promoting the remake “Girl-scented coffee”, With the Cuban actor William Levy And Colombian Laura Londono as protagonists. Why Carmen Villalobos Missing lead role? Coming up next, we tell you.

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Why Carmen Villalobos is not a leading player in Cafe Con Aroma de Mujer

Following the news that a remake of the successful Colombian Delanovela of the 90s will be made, the protagonists are going to be two of the best actors considered by critics and fans alike, regardless of who they are. Tried.

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Then, I was surprised when they announced it Caviota That Londono And the villain Santhoval, Carmen Villalobos. Precisely, the protagonist revealed the details of how his choice was.

A new edition of “Caf கா con Aroma de Mujer” is about to be released, with the aim of captivating the audience with the love story of Guyota and Sebastian. (Photo: RCN)

I did the acting, stayed, was excited, but I said nothing. At one point, Telemundo announced that he was going to make coffee and that they already had heroes. William Levy, who works at Telemundo, and Carmen Villalobos, who works at Telemundo, have already mentioned two of their loved ones from Telemundo. ” Londono said.

He also commented on the details Carmen Villalobos. “But they never said Carmen was going to be the protagonist“, I notice.

The product has already been screened on RCN, where it has been well received by TV viewers and ratings have shown it. Telemundo is expected to officially broadcast Telenovela in a week. All this has also increased the expectations of the actors.

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Who is the coffee that is written with a woman’s aroma?

Written by Fernando Cayton, it was screened in Colombia in 1994 and was a huge success in various countries. The story stars Margarita Rosa de Francisco (Caviota) and Guy Ecker (Sebastian Valejo). This production was a huge success, which is why it became part of the best classic list of soap operas.

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