Cockroach today? Galileo Montijo ran just like he did at Exotlin

Like a quick bug, The Host Galileo Montijo, Competed like one of Exotlin’s toughest rounds, obviously the collaborator’s disguise did not prevent her from being a strong competitor. “Today. ”

“Hi” led to a contest in the morning, especially when some broadcast hosts appeared in disguise in one of the entertainment sections of the show Galileo Montijo, “Standing Alone in His Clothing”cucaracha“With his tough team,” Sabosos.

On the outskirts of Forum 16, after leading up to the “Battle of Pottergas”, one of the latest broadcasts of various shows became a favorite, and host Raul Araiza, who served as one of the presenters, was also the famous commentator who announced the details of the match.

Part of the cast of the production, who formed the same teams, showed each start at the start of the race; “Cache 0 Danos” was created by Andrea Lagaretta Marisol Gonzalez and Paul Stanley, while Galileo Montijo, Andrea Escalona and Lampta Garcia were from “Saproso”.

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Each of the costumes, such as the bee, the pumpkin, and the “Ptolemaic dog” were praised with their respective pottery, which was worn by Lagerretta’s first team, and some of the original teams, such as “Gali” who appeared in disguise as a spoon, came out dressed as Escalona hens until Lambda came out for a cake. “

The respective teams aimed to throw a wooden stick to shoot their target, which was a pitcher, so whoever finished first was the winning team.

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The first to start the race were Andrea Legretta and Galileo Montijo, who had to go through each of the respective lines around certain cones used to control the traffic of those loaded with their clothes on certain machines.

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“La Montejo” was the fastest to reach the final points of the barrels, although at first it seemed to be an advantage for the “Cache 0 Danos” team, but in the end it was the “former” TV actress “who would be the dynamic winner.

Although the participants did not face as many obstacles as Exotline used the audience, the broadcast achieved one of the main objectives, as in many dynamics in order to provide a good moment for the public. Get in trouble.

It was on social networks that Netizens exemplified the originality of such categories and the most liked and most wanted outfits according to what was read in the comments.

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Likewise, they highlighted the maker’s ingenuity to bring home all the fun that a lot of people get out of their homes this Easter holiday, while tuning in every morning on Los Estrelos.

Some comments may have copied not only Hoi Xotlan, but also “Venga la Alecria”, which is its strongest competitor in TV Azteca, and this type of dynamics has also been carried out.

Wow there it is! Suddenly it gave me a terrible fear and I thought I was looking at Gum Joy. After a moment I reacted, if it was hoy. Andrea Rodriguez, what an original and new idea

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On the other hand, some of the loyal fans in the morning showed their support and encouragement to continue these kinds of activities that cause laughter and entertainment.

I like to see them in dynamics like ‘ahaha Galileo makes my day’, ‘they often have to do this kind of dynamics’.

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