Cobra Guy: Who was the grandfather of Solo Mariduana who played football?

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A few weeks ago Mexican team Presented by New purple shirt The actor of the series Netflix, “Cobra Guy”, Solo Mariduina, It was revealed his grandfather played in Mexico, but it was not until he released him.

In an interview with GQ magazine, Solo spoke about him Dreams in your life, But he opened the trunk of memories and what it meant Mexican roots.

“My mother is 100% Mexican. I think she and I grew up alone, having that culture and having someone like her is something that has influenced my life. From the style of dress I wear, to the music I listen to, to the food I like. I think that’s relevant. “

“About the jersey, I was so excited that they allowed me to wear it and teach them the new design. In fact, my grandfather, my maternal grandfather, even told me that he played for a team in Mexico. Was able to do, “said the 20-year-old actor.

Who is the grandfather of Solo Mariduana?

Solo was born in the United States Los Angeles California, But his love for Mexico led him to pose with Jersey without a second thought Not much is known about his grandfather, It revealed who it was.

“My grandfather’s name Ramon Francisco Sanchez He was from Mexico City and unfortunately he passed away before I was born, so I never got a chance to meet him. I think I know him because my mom always tells stories about him. After my mom was born they moved to Las Vegas and opened a restaurant there. From what my grandmother told me, He is an exemplary boy, Sometimes it was also a headache. They loved him deeply and I am glad to continue his legacy. I know he has never played in a World CupI can say that, but since we are not clear yet, I want to find out more about his story, ”he said.

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