Club Inapam is the favorite place of grandparents

After walking through a complex life, overcoming many obstacles and working for many years, the the elderly They have the desire to do leisure activities, travel, sing and dance without worry, which is a reason to join the club inapam, Sylvia Leon, Coordinator, said: inapam by Salvador Alvarado.


Mrs. Silvia Leon explained that inside this space grandparents They are part of different groups, in which they can do different activities, such as dance, art or music, as well as learn different disciplines, thanks to the fact that Icatsin and Cobaes give them workshops, which keep the elderly They are busy with the activities they choose to engage in, according to their own tastes.

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It should be noted that Ms. Hilda Pérez Giusti, who has also been in charge of Club Inapam for several years, noted that being a part of this group is very motivating for the elderly, because they find a place to live together and enjoy the activities. , allowing them to stay engaged in the business of their liking.

Passionately pointed out that there grandparents That by joining Club Inapam, they are having a better life, thanks to the fact that they enjoy an environment dedicated to them.

The club inapam He said.

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On the other hand, the current coordinator of inapamSivia León, notes that traveling is one of my favorite activities grandparentsTherefore, they are constantly taking steps to obtain travel opportunities to fulfill their desire the elderly , Since the main objective of inapam It is to keep them motivated to enjoy every moment within this group dedicated to everyone the elderly.

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