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Former NASA collaborator Eduardo Cuauhtémoc-Quezar Saenz lamented that 80 percent of social networks are full of trash and “the cloud.” Achievements of science and technology space as well as advances in medicine.

Eduardo Quezar, currently runs his own company Robotics Aerospace and participated in the Night of the Stars event in Acapulco Which is held over two days in the International Center With the theme of science, sustenance is developed.

He said that the garbage that is in social networks Young people are not allowed to know Achievements of science and technology.

He assured that his dreams have been exceeded and achieved His love for robots led him To work for the American Space Agency (NASA).

In this sense, Eduardo Quezar, Originally from Sinaloa he told the students His high school level achievements, including designing the motors that sit in the wheels that power the Curiosity and Perseverance robots that do well on Mars and explore the evolution of life.

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It revealed that these two robots, where he participated in its construction From the engine he found fossil remains of biology, water, and signs of running water, lakes, and rivers, and added that it was still a very long process to be able to say with scientific certainty that there were plants.

He said that Mars, Once upon a time she had a similar life About the planet Earth with its great differences but in general very similar.

He called on young people to insist on their dreams and make positive decisions in their lives, and not to get carried away in everything what is my pathological negative, that seeks its sense of identity with the good

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It was also announced that a week ago, a system was established between the US Space Administration with European Space Agency It achieved this goal of deflecting the path of an asteroid and it was done because the planet had to be protected.

“We should, we should Protect the planet from an asteroid that it could be a catastrophic harm and humanity continues to prepare to avoid a tragedy of this kind.

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