Ciudadanos reaffirms its commitment to agreeing with other parties on a new space in the city center that “goes beyond shortcuts.”

The Secretary General of the Ciudadanos Party, Adrian Vázquez, ratified on Friday his idea of ​​having other parties to “reshape” the political center space in which the “orange” formation wants to be reborn, mired in its lowest hours since its founding. Vazquez advocates “being flexible” and “going beyond shortcuts.” In a meeting with municipal officials on Friday, Vazquez defended that in the event of a repeat of the elections, Ciudadanos must be “prepared” to “structure, reshape and rebuild the political center that the people demand.” “We have to attract as many people as possible, and when the time comes, if it comes, we all have to keep in mind that we have to be flexible and, above all, we have to think beyond shortcuts,” she said. Secretary General. . He stressed that “the key to the future of the political community in Spain is to think beyond abbreviations,” although he realizes that “the task is not easy.” Since the election call of 23J, the elections in which Ciudadanos decided not to appear after the disaster in the municipal and regional elections of 28M, the party leadership has undertaken a process of “rearmament” and “restructuring”, in which, among other things, we have changed the headquarters and are selecting staff New and new way of working. The Executive also decided to take advantage of these months to explore alliances with the aim of creating a central platform that would make its way between the PP and the PSOE. Its goal will be to survey regional or territorial formations such as Teruel Exist or Miguel Ángel Revilla’s People’s Republic of China. In fact, Vázquez had already laid out the roadmap after January 23: “In Ciudadanos, we are ready to go beyond shortcuts to rebuild a progressive and liberal central space that breaks this bloc politics,” he said in a video posted on social networks. Competition The idea coincides with the launch of Nexo and La Tercera España, two new projects that aspire to gain a foothold in the downtown area and, in addition, are composed of former citizens or the decisive front of the current executive power. Former spokesman for the Ciudadanos Edmundo Bal and the “orange” lawyer of the Cortes of Castile and León, Francisco Ejea, among other critics, present on Saturday Nexo, which was born with the aim of working to create a “reformist and progressive” political government, an initiative capable of going beyond the blocs and looking at both sides. Egea also promoted La Tercera España, a project of a new social democratic party critical of the Socialist Workers’ Party, which defines itself as a “reformist left” focused on the future and “conscious of Spain”, rejects “privileges” and defends it as a “Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party”. . “Basic” is the equality of Spaniards before the law. He is accompanied by the founder of the “Orange” formation, the jurist Francis de Carreras; former UPyD MEP Francisco Sosa Wagner; Philosopher Fernando Savater. Writer Andres Trapiello. Attorney Elvira Marcos; Writer Gabriela Bustillo. And journalist and former president of the Ermua Forum, Iñaki Ezquerra and others.

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