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Madrid, 25 years old (Europe Press)

The high-precision service, which provides horizontal accuracy of up to 20 cm and vertical accuracy of up to 40 cm, is made possible by an additional level of real-time positioning corrections, which are performed through a new data stream within the existing Galileo signal. .

Tras meses de pruebas realizadas por los ingenieros de la ESA in the centro technico ESTEC de los Países Bajos, el Servicio de Alta Precisión (HAS) de Galileo se ha puesto oficialmente a disposición de los usuarios en la Conferencia Espacial Europea celebrada en Bruselas (Bélgica) ) this week.

The new HAS correction message is included in the “E6” range of the Galileo signal, which is not normally accessed by smartphones and other consumer products, but only by high-end receivers. However, this message is also online, opening prospects for broader adoption through connected devices and development as an open service standard in the coming years.

As the European Space Agency explained in a statement, the European Galileo system, which to date includes a constellation of 28 satellites and a global land segment, is already the most accurate satellite navigation service in the world. The European Union and the European Space Agency have partnered to develop the Galileo system.

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