Chronological Feed Option Removed on the web which Reduces the Bad habits

Twitter is considered as one of the most popular social media sites which have lots of users for its application. Now, the users are shocked by the horrifying news from Twitter. Yes, Twitter is removed. The most commonly used option is the chronological feed option. This news is considered horrifying news on social media. The page might be displayed as there are no longer options for switching between the algorithmic view and it is also considered as the reverse-chronological one.

A bug in Twitter has temporarily removed the option to switch to a time  series feed on the web - Fuentitech

The algorithmic view also shows the lots of shows and tweets for the out of order and it also had multiply maligned since for the first appearance. This bug occurred on Tuesday and lots of people are worried about hearing this news. Meanwhile. It resulted in Twitter having to force everyone. Twitter gives more support to web users who can change their timeline orders. The verge is also helpful for confirming the button and it also comes back on the other timelines. It officially said on the Twitter official page and it explained that the chronological orders are fixed and the option is to help to switch your timeline view to the latest tweets when we are removed from the web of someone. These options I available for every user. Moreover, the verge is called the toggle’s disappearance and it was the bug for using it.

The Twitter page is also explained every kind of timeline which is had the bullet and it also gives them instructions for switch between the top tweets. The latest tweets are also had more features. And it was presented with the Andriod and iOS. There are multiple options available for multiple years. Furthermore, the ‘sparkle’ button was first introduced on Twitter and it also conflicts with the other information. Twitter also includes the many instructions for changing the timeline order and the web is presented at the bottom of the page. They give a detailed explanation for this update. The chronological timeline view is loved by many people because it does not force people to use this algorithm. The news is also coming up with the mixed bag and it also forced the people are using the algorithmic and it is the best way to kick the bad habit. This update gets more greetings from many people especially Jason who appreciated this update. Only a few of the people do not like this update.

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