Christian Nodal and Kazoo spend a romantic night in Mexico amidst compliments, flowers and love.

Christian Nodal And cazzu They are living in a new phase as parents and couple. Since the birth of their daughter in September, they have not appeared together in a public event. Yesterday they organized as part of a Dead themed night in Mexico. By a popular magazine..

The singers did not march on the black carpet, but they were captured very sweetly at the event, and although they expected to see them with their daughter, it did not happen, the girl was shown only on networks without her. The face is not yet revealed.

A few hours ago, Nodal appeared to wrap her daughter in a colorful sheet, while the Argentine singer shared photos of her baby in her arms as she celebrated Mother’s Day in the country.

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In videos circulating on networks and shared by singers on their networks, the couple can be seen enjoying the evening with Nodal taking care of his daughter’s mother with a genuine look of love.

Christian Nodal looks at Kasu fondly.

Kazu enjoyed the voice of his beloved “Babasot” who entertained the audience with his music; Argentina was on the front line until the Mexican regional translator arrived.

Christian Nodal sings to Cassu and shares the moment on his network.

Cassu received a bouquet and showed it to her networks, where Nodal described her as “the most beautiful of the night”. The couple flew to the Mexican capital to fulfill an invitation to an event attended by celebrities such as model Nadia Ferreira, Marc Anthony’s wife, actor Ponzo Herrera, Samadi Zendejas, Fernanda Castillo and Eric Hazer.

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Nodal and Cazzu live in a place in the middle of nature in Argentina, where they made their home before their daughter arrived.

Kazu shows her flowers and Nodal calls her “very beautiful”.


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