Chocolate MC is heartbroken about what’s going on with her sister

Chocolate MC After Isis Sierra Hernandez asked for help through social networks in recent days, she is affected by everything that is happening with her sister. She lived on the streets with her children.

Although the singer previously mentioned the matter, this Saturday he posted a photo of his mother and his little sister on his Instagram with a message.

“Those who know me well know that I’m very depressed about what’s going on with my sister,” the Reggaeton player wrote in the release.

Instagram capture / Chocolate MC

Many of her followers assured her that the only way to not regret it is to help her and that the most important thing is always family.

While neither the singer nor his sister have gone public with the issues that led to the rift between them, she also made it clear on Facebook directly. He is not going to talk about personal problems on networks.

The young woman said that she never considered anyone’s sister and would never speak ill of her brother.

After the situation of the young woman and her family was made public, Chocolate also said on Instagram, “I have never thought of problems with ISIS in my life. I am tripolar and I have seizures, I take more medicine than food.

In one of his recent stories, he mentioned his latest record production, which is apparently related to his family: “A Lo Miyanamana Ba’mi Pura y Ba’mi Hermana. An album is dedicated to them to see what happens 24 hours after the release of this blockbuster. Sometimes I feel like my life is a movie.

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Instagram capture / Chocolate MC

The situation of Chocolate’s sister on the street has surprised the artist’s supporters so much that the King of Delivery Men has been happy since last January. Can meet his sister and his nephewsAfter they came to the United States through the border of Mexico.

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