Chinese Barica switches to Montreux for Tigris; Freaks sobs when she sees him

Being a character after so many years Montreal In the program El Chao del8, The Mr. Belle Betrayed the rhododendron, When meeting in conversation on Fox Sports Zero Freaks, Edgar Weaver Noted that Didn’t go to the gang again, now Tiger.

The television network was responsible for putting the Argentine fan Frexas online, proving he was an influential and a true follower of Riotos, but in the presence of cats Club World Cup, Said to be inside A mess, No Mr. Barika replied “Why not?“, He is showing signs of being able to stop going to albiasols UANL.

Freaks first appeared on the interview scene, and it was a surprise to him that Weaver was in the speech, which is why Cried emotionally.

“I can not believe this moment, it has to be a hue, is it really you? I really admire you, I do not know if I can talk about you, I was excited when I saw my Twitter, words do not come out … I love you, I love you. Sir, “said Freaks.

When Vivar replied, “Kee, you moved me. Thank you for your words, for making me feel better.”

The TV presenter asked Vivar if he was really going to Riotos, where the comedian admitted to betraying his gang.

“Yes (I went to Montessori), but I will never do it again; (Tigress) was fine.

– Freaks were in a mess, can you go to Riotos and Tigress at the same time? –

“No, you can’t, look at Tigris”Mr Belle told Zero.

Audgar Vivar also talked about Raman Waltz, who came to life in El Chao del 8 Mr. Ramon He said he was going Nexa. “At the time, Necaxa was going very bad, but he was going to Necaxa… and Montessori is the industrial capital of the country with a reputation for a lot of money “.

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