China’s robot on Mars, the protagonist of new interesting films

Beijing, June 27 (EFE) .- The protagonist of China’s Explorer vehicle “Jurong” new audiovisual object on Mars -Bot Photos are not only videos, but also sounds– Released today by China’s National Space Administration (ANEC).

It contains two photos, three videos and an audio file.

In the photos, there is a 360-degree color panorama of the barren and stone surface of the Red Planet, and a black and white snapshot of the “Jurang” shoot (named after the fire god of ancient Chinese mythology) with a landing block. Tianwen-1 study in the background.

According to the videos, one of them is the process of landing – on May 15, the other appears to be manipulating the Explorer robot, the vehicle captured a few meters away from the removable camera is usually installed on the underpass.

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In the last of them, the aforementioned camera catches the “Jurong” moving away from it after separating itself from it.

The audio file covers the descent process of the Tianwen-1 probe landing site to the surface of Mars that occurred on May 22nd.

According to the ANEC website today, “Jurong” is operating on the surface of the red planet d42 Tuesdays and moved 236 meters.

The rover is part of the Chinese Tianwen-1 mission, which was launched into space in July 2020 and landed on the planet’s surface on May 15, in the southern part of the plain called Utopia Planetia, located in the Northern Hemisphere.

Tianwen-1 (translates as “Heavenly Questions”) It combines the first Chinese exploration mission to Mars and the first voyage, journey, entry into orbit and landing on a voyage in history.

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Chinese scientists want to find additional evidence for the presence of water or ice on the planet, as well as to study the composition of the surface of Mars or the characteristics of the climate.

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