China-supplied rice arrives at Cuban airport

A plane with China-supplied rice arrives at Jose Marti International Airport in Havana. In this way, the Asian government is trying to alleviate the current food crisis that the island suffers from today.

This is 68 tonnes of the promised 408 tonnes of exports. The rest of the donation will be delivered by air and by sea from Asian Giant. Food will be distributed as soon as possible, according to the allocation priorities provided by the Cuban government.

Undoubtedly, eating rice has practically become a luxury on the island. The unaffordable prices charged by MSMEs ($250.00 CUP) prevent any basic wage worker from including them in their daily meals. Even worse it happens with retirees who have more than $1,500 CUP.

China extended its hand again

This is not the first time that China has reached out to Cuba in the critical situation of the island's reality. Coincidentally, Ma Hui, the Asian Ambassador in Havana, reaffirmed his country's commitment to the well-being of the Cuban people. “This donation is part of the aid measures agreed between the two countries,” he added.

Food shortages in Cuba directly affect rice, a commodity that is in high demand on the island. Other basics like bread are also missing from state centers. The Cuban government has acknowledged the food crisis the country is currently experiencing. In such a situation, donations arrive on time, especially those related to rice.

New arrivals of rice from China will be sent for regulatory sale For consumers. This is another attempt to reduce pressure on markets to ensure that families have access to this staple food in their diet. However, this is not a real solution to the food crisis that Cuba is experiencing today.

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