China has called on El Salvador not to interfere in its internal affairs after its expulsion

San Salvador.

The international community on Monday unanimously expressed concern over the state of the rule of law Redeemer Following the removal of the Supreme Court (CSJ) Constitutional Judges and the Attorney General, China Called not to interfere Internal Affairs From a neighboring country.

“The embassy has taken note of the current political situation Redeemer. Sovereignty protects equality and does not interfere in the internal affairs of other countries The most important principle From Carta de la ONU“Diplomatic Headquarters Report Beijing in San Salvador.

“China has always pursued a policy of non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries, and it is firm People of Salvador Has the ability and wisdom to handle his own well Internal Affairs “Added Embassy In a brief statement on social networks.

Redeemer The ruling party entered a political crisis on Saturday Parliament In the period 2021-2024, in his first move he voted to dismiss the judges President of Salvador, Naib Bukele, There have been conflicts over the past year.

After knowing termination of employment, The Constitution Room It issued a ruling that the referendum against him was unconstitutional, a move Various lawyers They think it cancels Vote.

This Monday, the system United Nations (UN) and European union (EU) is embedded in the reactions to what is happening Redeemer, Adds concerns previously expressed by companies US States (OAS) and the United States.

U.S. Vice President, Kamala Harris, The highest-ranking official who spoke for the US government, along with the executive From See here It didn’t go at its best moment.

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BUKELE reactions on networks

President Take a look He has been responding to various signals from the international community since Saturday on his Twitter account, but without referring directly to companies or officials.

“Here we are It took 30 years We must overthrow the existing regime of misery, corruption and insecurity Hopelessness. MyThey took people’s lives for granted and ordered assassinations from companies (there are videos of it), “he said, but without presenting evidence.

He added: “People did not send us for talks. They go. Everyone “.

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Among the campaign plans for the February 28 election, there was nothing proposed for dismissal Officers elected by previous legislatures.

“If the opposition wins Nicaragua, They will leave the court and the Sandinista lawyer. If the opposition wins Honduras, They leave the court and JOH’s lawyer (Juan Orlando Hernandez). If the opposition wins Venezuela, They will leave the Chavismo court and the lawyer (…) that is, because of the balance of power, “he said.

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