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There is always Chile. or Chile. Tatyana Marshal says she is not authorized to release details of her employer’s bankruptcy, The First Republic, The North American bank that was dissolved on Monday by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC, for its English acronym) It was acquired by JP Morgan Chase.

“We are continuing to work. They asked us Business as usual“We’re in a hybrid situation: three days from the office in downtown San Francisco and two at home,” he says from the US.

Marshall, a commercial engineer at UAI, is the only Chilean with a job at First Republic, a California bank with 7,200 workers that suffers from deep liquidity problems. Its fall marks the second largest banking collapse in US history.

supposed? Senior Strategic Sourcing Manager, i.e. the person responsible for strategic procurement. This, he said, means he is responsible for the relationship with providers of facilities management, marketing and professional services.

“I came to get my MBA degree nearly three years ago at a university in San Francisco. When I finished, a recruiter called and hired me, explains Marshall, who started working in October 2021.

He previously worked in Chile at Enaex as a Supply Chain Analyst. Also at Cencosud, where he was involved in the team that launched the company’s strategic sourcing division. Later, he got to Unilever Chile, where he launched a similar division in the company’s offices in Peru and Bolivia. His last home job was at Walmart, where — according to LinkedIn — he generated $6 million in annual savings thanks to his role as Director of Strategic Sourcing.

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Regarding the first Republican intern, Marshall comments, “Phrase creator “It’s an honor to serve you” (It’s an honor to serve you) resonates everywhere. If you say you worked for the FRB, people will say “I like your bank, it’s excellent”. Every time it rains, the city is filled with First Republic umbrellas, green with an eagle on it, and everyone always wants one.”

The bank has been growing in figures of 20% each year for the past three decades. And that without marketing, just word of mouth. The bank was located on both coasts. People are always willing to help, to create connections and communities. The CEOs were always present, and you often viewed them as just another factor.”

First Republic employees were given a plan with three options, says Marshall: Get out of the package, help move in with the new owner for three months, or choose a new position at JP Morgan Chase.

What we are waiting for, in the same way that the majority are already looking for work. The situation is not easy, Marshall concludes, given that in the past six months tech companies have laid off more than 150,000 people.

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