Chicks Rivera shows off her curves in a tight and provocative black velvet dress

Sequis Rivera Placeholder Image. Curves When worn tight Style In black velvet he opened the mouths of his followers.

The controversy was caused by him posting on his account Instagram A video of the late Jenny’s daughter found in her shower without clothes Rivera Returned to surprise his 4.5 million followers Instagram By showing that he already has the Grammy Award in his hands.

A few days ago, the beautiful singer waited so long for photos of how she got some videos and photos by parcel on her social networks because she won the Best Band Music Album-2020 award for her album. “Playlist”.

Chicks shows off his curves in a tight dress

If something categorizes the singer, it is her curved body, a subject she has often said she finds satisfaction and pleasure, however in her Instagram stories we have seen that she recently adheres to a tired exercise routine, and your figure is following a diet.

And all seems to be trying Sequis Gives results, because this Friday we saw her wearing a tight velvet dress. Curves In an elegant and sophisticated look, she combined it with a natural makeup.

In the photo, which has already generated more than 150,000 “likes”, the band singer can be seen with her hair in a light wave style and a bouquet between her bouquets, one of the co-stars of the elegant event as she shows in various videos.


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