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“After Sporting Cristal, in 2007 I made a bad decision: ‘Peru’s selection was very young. The national team has never been led by such a young coach in the last 30 years.”He recently admitted in an interview to the international portal “The Coach’s Voice” in which he recalled his career and misrepresented his time in Baikal.

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Chemo was 39 at the time, but only two as a technician. He started with the Argentinian-Spanish John Antonio Busy Inside Columbus of Santa Fe -They only ran three games-, then he put a diver Glass With this he won the national title in 2006 and lived his second and last experience abroad University Catholic From Chile.

Today, Del Solar is more experienced and more agile. He directed U, San Martín, Cristal and spent five years at César Vallejo. In fact, he was very involved in the training of players at the Trujillo Club. As the company itself tells us, the coach preferred to work with minors, and almost always even half of the reserve team trained with the first team.

Chemo and Juan Reynoso in a Crystal vs. Academic. (Photo: File)

/ Eddie Lozano

“I am not directly responsible for minors. But I did a bit of hands-on work, I went to training and watched reserve games.”Eduard Alva, GOLPERÚ journalist covering the Trujillo clubs, tells us.

This profile is favored by the Peruvian Football Federation, especially the FPF’s general director of football, Juan Carlos Oblitas. That is why the chosen one to replace Ernesto Aragaki will be Chemo. As far as we can tell, there is already a verbal agreement and between today and tomorrow a contract will be signed with Agustin Lozano, the president of the highest body that governs our football.

Del Soler’s name was heavily touched upon months ago amid the tumultuous days Videna lived through after Peru’s collapse in the playoff against Australia and the exit of Ricardo Gareca. It was even said that he was going to replace Oblitas. But his relationship with the ‘blind’ always remained the same. And the former World Cup player is very excited about the coach’s arrival.

Kemo del Solar made his debut as coach of the Peruvian national team in August 2007.

Kemo del Solar made his debut as coach of the Peruvian national team in August 2007.

/ Epenza Gesac Group

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What will your work entail at La Videna?

Jose Guillermo del Solar will replace Ernesto Aragacqui as head of the technical division for minors. ‘Chino’ was in charge from November 2019 to November 2022. Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, the former Alianza Lima’s work is complicated.

Now, Chemo will have the task of taking care of all the small sections of the Peru team and, above all, giving it personality, an identity that has not been achieved for years. The aim is to empower young people and be able to compete internationally.

“‘Chemo’ has been an icon of Peruvian football for the last 30 years. He trained in Europe, he managed big clubs and he has emerged as a champion here. If they come to the FBF, Peruvians with an unblemished image, people with the same passion as me to help young people grow, will give back what Peruvian football has given us from another level., coach Juan Reynoso announced the possibility of a coach a few weeks ago. It finally happened and will be operational from January 1 with the aim of empowering national teams.

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