Cheek bikini revealing Alexa Dallanos and all her curves

Alexa Tellanos She gave me something to talk about with the bikini again without imagining it a little bit. Daughter Mirca Dellanos The young woman showed all her curves in a new release on Instagram with nearly 7 million followers.

The young woman was wearing a micro bikini with sheer straps that were unimaginable and invisible. Undoubtedly, Alexa exposed all her curves to show how much she cares for her figure through a healthy diet and exercise.

The comments from her fans were immediate, and many admired how beautiful Alexa was in her two-piece swimsuit. “I like your poses,” one follower wrote. “You are a loved one, congratulations beauty”, another follower added. “You leave me breathless”, read in the comments.

Recently, Alexa gave her mother something to talk about because of a topic she touched on in “La Mesa Caliente”. Mirga She had to intervene to protect her daughter. In a conversation about “Trophy Girls”, a fan of the Telemundo show said that she was Myrka’s daughter.

However, Myrka did not remain silent and defended her daughter from humiliation.

I mean, it’s related to her 4 year relationship. She started small, she works alone, and when she started with her boyfriend 4 years ago, he was not a millionaire.Myrka said on La Mesa Caliente, “They have grown up together, she works for herself, she makes a lot of money. In fact, she’s a good girl, and if she wins first, she immediately calls me and says, ‘Mom, I won this, I want to buy you a bag.’ She’s such a woman, and I’m going to protect her to the end. ”

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