Checo Perez was Max's pawn in GP and plunged into the F1 championship

The situation is critical: if Czecho doesn't find form again, his seat in F1 is in absolute jeopardy

Mexicans suffer from a deep crisis of decision and governance Sergio 'Chego' Perez There seems to be no end to this. He British Grand Prix It was a humiliating afternoon, the pilot there Red bull finished two laps behind the winner, Lewis HamiltonIt's just a tire tester Max Verstappen Also, the Drivers' Championship fell to sixth place.

Chekhov's downward spiral did not reach the bottom. Just when you think nothing bad can happen at the Grand Prix, someone else comes along and says “let me in, I'm going to show you something even scarier”.

The timeline of disaster began on Saturday Silverstone And that is completely wrong Czech Perez. The man from Guadalajara made a huge mistake in Q1 qualifying that completely doomed his weekend.

They continued on the straight while braking before the Copps Bend. Trying to avoid hitting the gravel, he spun the wheel hard and got stuck between the pebbles.

His teammate, the three-time champion Max VerstappenA minute later he went in the same spot, but the Dutchman, instead of avoiding stepping on the gravel, went over it and managed to continue in Q1 with ground damage, but he still qualified fourth.

In addition to Verstappen's composure to avoid cobbles, the difference deepens Verstappen's mistake Czech Perez He went on the exit lap and Max did so on the 'flying lap'.

The final starting box for the race was punishing for Cheko, and with not much to lose they decided to change some components of the power unit and he started from the pitlane.

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All was practically lost for Perez and now it remains to be seen if the strategy will help him in any way, but the team had another idea.

He started with hard tyres, in theory, a long wait, but with rain predicted in 25 minutes, Szeko actually served as the 'Indian driver', a simple 'tester' on the track to gather useful information for Verstappen on the type of tires and their reliability.

Yes, Czecho overtook Valtteri Bottas, Esteban Ocon And Guanyu ZhouBut when Magnussen got stuck behind and a few raindrops started to fall, he alerted his engineer to monitor the situation.

In fact, it was only raining in turn 3, not the time to use intermediate tires for moderately wet ground, and Checo made it known, but they put him in the pits too early, hoping, in theory, that luck would be the dice. Falling in their favor and the cloud spurred water on the trail, but no such rain.

There were 6 rounds with intermediates, with the track dry and promising Hugh the bird At some point Tlaloc or his chosen rain god would send lucky manna. never came Maybe you won't say anything Red bull matter Czech Perez He served as tire tester for Verstappen, who was struggling in the top 4, and thus had the best moment to ditch the medium tires and switch to the wet asphalt.

But more than an injustice, this is something Czech Perez Searched by spoiling his race from Q1.

What happened next was painful. See Red bull He lapped twice and witnessed how two laps from the end easily got him to the fast lap point and he didn't even make it. That combination didn't work as they hoped, but it starts between the leading cars, has to let everyone pass, and then can't push hard enough.

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Czech Perez went beyond the void Silverstone. He left with a lot of worries and is now sixth in the drivers' championship Oscar Piastre It has passed.

One more race like this and Czech Perez It goes up to the eighth step of the classification because it has 118 points compared to 111. George Russell and in 110 Lewis HamiltonThe drivers of the reborn team Mercedes.

The situation is more complicated, if Czech Perez Not rediscovering his form, if his side of the garage doesn't respond, his seat F1 Completely endangered.

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