Chavismo didn't tell you about Maduro's walk in San Cristóbal

Maduro barely filled four narrow blocks in San Cristóbal

What Chavismo didn't say about Maduro's visit to San Cristóbal

This Wednesday, Nicolás Maduro arrived in the state of Tachira to launch his campaign for presidential re-election, in a journey that began at the border with the inauguration of the La Mulada aqueduct, where the majority of the population receives this service. The regional aqueduct has been without water for more than a month, and in some sectors for more than eight years, a situation that has not changed despite Maduro's visit to the company of the president of the Hydrosuros.

Luz Dary Depablos / Correspondent

In recent days Maria Corina Machado (MCM) rode in a truck similar to the one she used in her tour of the Andean Institute, as Maduro began her tour of communities in the municipality of Pedro Maria Urena. He then headed toward the municipality of Bolivar, where he stopped to greet a small group waiting for him on Venezuela Avenue.

Among the actions that drew attention due to Maduro's visit to the Tachira border, was the surprise reactivation of the La Frontera service station located in San Antonio, which had been inactive for almost a year, in addition to another gas station. Located in Urena. But during the days when MCM visited the state, there was no fuel supply.

I would like to see if President Nicolás Maduro has mobilized in the area between El Vallado and San Pedro del Río and if this would have fixed the part of the area known as La Parade.Due to the poor condition of the road, there have already been human losses. I say this because asphalt finally appeared in different areas, in parts of Urena and La Mulata, as well as in Beracal. The people of the area have been demanding the repair of the road for months, but it was repaired by the President's visit yesterday“said Carlos Taborda, councilor of the municipality of Pedro Maria Urena.

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Unlike the days of MCM's tour, when roads were closed and large gaps opened to prevent sympathizers from receiving her, with Maduro's arrival, within hours, the roads were painted and repaired so that she could move more easily.

Capacho's tour continued through the towns, where much smaller supporters awaited him, finally reaching 11th Street in Barrio Obrero in the city of San Cristóbal, where despite hundreds of people, they managed to fill only four narrow blocks. Public transport buses mobilized from several municipalities with Psuv fighters.

In the afternoon, it was difficult for citizens working in private companies to return to their homes, as most of the public transport sections were available for transportation by Chavismo militants.

Likewise, the motorcycle taxi service was very limited because most of the lines of the municipalities of the metropolitan area were in the caravan that received Nicolás Maduro. Notably, audios circulated through WhatsApp groups said that motorists willing to join the caravan were given 15 liters of fuel.

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