Champions Champions: Rayadas 0-0 Shivas; Guadalajara won on penalties

Raydas and Sivas did not hurt each other in the 90th minute of the Vuelta match at the BBVA this Monday, so the women’s champions were limited in a penalty shootout, where Desire Mancivas ‘mistake and goalkeeper Blanca Felix’ best play. Guadalajara won the penalty shootout 3-0, 4-1.

Desirée Monsiváis flew his shot, Mariana Cadena and Rebecca Bernal were the first to charge the royal family, and Mariana Cadena and Rebecca Bernal saw how Felix saved his shots, especially after goalkeeper Celeste Espino made a stop at home with a penalty kick.

For Chivas, Alicia Cervantes, Cassandra Montero and Jocelyn Montoya won the trophy with three shots.

At the usual time, Rayadas and Sivas forgave him

Raydas started to attack early in the match and had a dangerous move at 12 ‘where Christina Bergenrod could not control when alone in front of goal; Two minutes later, he went straight into the goalkeeper, past DeCree Monsieur.

Sivas also did their thing, opening the score when Carolina Jaramilo went for a close post, but the ball miraculously went to one side.

In the 23rd minute, when Diana Evangelista took a powerful shot from the side corner, the stadium almost screamed Raydas goal, but goalkeeper Celeste Espino made an incredible flying save.

Herdsmen responded in the 26th, when Gabriela Valenzuela took off goalkeeper Alejandro Cordinas and took a low cross to Alicia Cervantes, who, instead of shooting first, stopped the ball and blocked his good shot in defense. .

Already in the second half, Evangelista scored a shot from the right wing that looked like a superb goal, which surpassed the goalkeeper, but ended miserably on the crossbar.

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In the 90’s, Sivas came out on top in the counter, and Alejandra Calderon made a mistake when he pulled Jocelyn Montoya’s shirt into an open goal game, for which they forgave Albiazul the red.

At the time of compensation, Chivas goalkeeper changed, Celeste Espino was out and his place was taken by Blanca Felix as a tactic of Juan Pablo Alfaro.

Penalty Shootout …

Chivas: Alicia Cervantes (scored), Cassandra Montero (scored) and Jocelyn Montoya (scored).

Raydas: Desiree Moncivas (It Flies), Mariana Gadena (Goalkeeper Save) and Rebecca Bernal (Goalkeeper Save).

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