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The , The biggest technology event of the year has just begun in Las Vegas, and various companies have come to show off their upcoming releases. .

That’s right, the video game equipment company HP Inc. Announced new products in the award-winning line of gaming equipment such as wireless gaming headsets ‘Cloud Alpha Wireless300 hours battery life, wireless control ‘Clutch’ And wireless gaming mouse ‘Pulsefire Rod’.

But that’s not all, because in addition to wireless accessories, HyperX Also introduced the mechanical keyboard for video games ‘Alloy Origins 65’ With mechanical switches HyperX Red Y Aqua, Gaming headsets ‘Cloud II’ New white and pink colors and headphones ‘Cloud Core’ With sound DTS Headphone: X.

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Below we describe each of the devices provided:

HyperX ‘Cloud Alpha Wireless’ Headphones

The ‘Cloud Alpha Wireless’ They offer a lifespan of 300 hours on a single charge. Headphones provide a deeper listening experience DTS Headphone: XAs well as a new, improved and customized dual chamber technology and 50mm speakers HyperX, Has a slimmer and lighter design without sacrificing the extraordinary sound and performance of the original wire version, without neglecting the convenience that the brand always offers in its products.

‘Cloud Alpha Wireless’ offers 300 hours of charge.

Wireless controller ‘clutch’ for video games

Wireless controller for better control of mobile games ‘Clutch’ It offers a familiar distribution and comfortable hard rubber that enhances performance during play. It also provides wireless support for mobile devices Android Via Bluetooth 4.2 Or from a 2.4 GHz wireless receiver, which includes USB-C to USB-A cable to connect to PC, allowing users to make full use of cloud gaming on multiple devices. The clutch wireless control has an adjustable and removable mobile phone clip that extends from 41mm to 86mm and comes with a built-in rechargeable battery that offers up to 19 hours of battery life on a single charge.

The 'clutch' directly points to mobile gaming.
The ‘clutch’ directly points to mobile gaming.

HyperX ‘Pulsefire Haste’ Wireless Mouse

Wireless mouse ‘Pulsefire Rod’ It has an ultralight honeycomb hexagonal design that allows for fast movements and improves ventilation. The mouse uses wireless gaming technology with a low latency wireless connection that operates at a reliable 2.4 GHz frequency and offers up to 100 hours of battery life on a single charge. The Pulsefire Haste wireless mouse has six programmable buttons and internal memory and TTC Golden anti-dust microswitches that support up to 80 million key presses. For more details, we share our review of it.

The famous mouse quality of HyperX now comes in the wireless version.
The famous mouse quality of HyperX now comes in the wireless version.

HyperX ‘Alloy Origins 65’ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

65% compact format on the keyboard frees up desktop space with factor and arrow keys, delete keys up and down the page, maximize functionality and improve mouse movement. In addition, it includes mechanical switches HyperX Designed for performance and longevity, with 80 million keystrokes per switch, including RGB backlit keys, incandescent light effects with emitting LEDs and five adjustable brightness levels. ‘Origins 65’ Contains key covers PBT High quality dual-shot device, with secondary functions for long-term use and durability. Software HyperX clever Allows users to customize lighting, cam mode and macro settings and provides up to three profiles with internal memory. The keyboard is available with linear switches HyperX Red Or with touch switches HyperX Aqua.

You can customize the lighting, game mode and other details on the new HyperX 'Alloy Origins 65' keyboard.
You can customize the lighting, game mode and other details on the new HyperX ‘Alloy Origins 65’ keyboard.

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HyperX ‘Cloud II’ gaming headphones

Headphones ‘Cloud II’ Attach an advanced audio control box that provides virtual 7.1 surround sound and dedicated memory foam. HyperX, High quality synthetic leather and a sturdy aluminum frame, which provides maximum durability, stability and comfort for longer gaming sessions. The headphones have 53mm speakers. Creates rich, punchy sounds with clarity and precision. The ‘Cloud II’ They are compatible with many devices and have a removable noise-canceling microphone, which provides greater voice clarity, enhances video game sounds and reduces background noise. The ‘Cloud II’ Available in Pink and White and offers exclusive comfort and sound HyperX.

The famous hearing aids now come in a variety of colors.
The famous hearing aids now come in a variety of colors.

HyperX ‘Cloud Core’ gaming headphones

Headphones for video games ‘Cloud Core’ Designed to provide a much deeper audio experience in games with DTS Headphone: X, Delivers precise 3D spatial sound. They are designed with exclusive memory foam and synthetic leather to provide maximum durability through the sturdy aluminum frame and adjustable headband. HyperX To provide comfortable features of the brand. A flexible and separable noise canceling microphone certified in headphones Difference of opinion Y Group talk.

Video analysis of ‘HyperX Cloud II Wireless’ listening devices

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