CBP is almost certain that they admit more than 95% of cases in the US

According to United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) data, more than 95% of immigrants who seek asylum in the North Country through a CBP One dating application are admitted with notice of a future court appearance.

reports indicate Most of these foreigners receive an I-94 form, which allows them to remain in the country legally and apply for permanent residence under the Cuban Adjustment Act one year and one day after entering Cuba at the southern border. United Nations.

DHS reports that between January and September 2023, more than 270,000 appointments were scheduled through the CBP One immigration application, and more than 266,000 of those entered the United States after passing interviews with Customs and Border Protection officials.

The data shows that citizens of countries considered hostile to the United States, such as Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, Uzbekistan, and Belarus, are more likely to be released. For example, of the 57,381 Venezuelans who went to appointments, 55,690 were admitted and released, representing a 97% acceptance rate in those cases.

How long does it take for a CBP One appointment to enter the US?

In mid-September, we researched what the average wait time was in Mexico for Cuba to get a CBP One appointment to enter the United States, based on reports from our website, social networks, and the media. The reality is that everything is a matter of “luck and truth” because half the appointments are given randomly and the other in order of attendance.

Finally, after 2 months and 12 days the appointment came, my advice to you is don’t change your record, stay the same as you did first, even if others tell you to change it (…) If the appointment comes, don’t despair, it will come if it’s not random in the timeline, ” warned Magella Perez from Cuba.

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As of the end of October 2023, timings haven’t changed much, with appointments at CBP One averaging two to three months for the complete process.

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