Carole Miles will sing again on the island

After years of absence from the public eye and stage, the well-remembered singer and television host Carole Miles reappeared in support of her son Miles Dean, who presented his show “The Unforgettables” at Musa’s Cafe-Theater and Events on Saturday. on the square by Sanders Fine Arts Center.

In a concert that lasted over two hours and was accompanied by pianist Antonio “Coquito” Rodriguez, the singer performed twenty classic songs in English and Spanish by music world luminaries including Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Steve Winter, and Tito Rodriguez. Bobby Capo, Roberto Cole and Armando Manzanero.

Come Fly With Me, I Don’t Know Why, Unforgettable, Kiss Me A Lot and How the Years Passed by were some of the hits that impressed the audience.

“Thank you all for joining me on this amazing night, I have a very special woman here who came all the way from Orlando to see me; my mom, singer Carol Miles. Give her a round of applause,” demanded an excited Dean Miles.

Immediately, Carol Miles took the stage and was greeted by her son with a kiss and a flower.

“Thank you all for being here at my son’s presentation. I just came to support him… I don’t sing because I have to prepare myself, it’s been years since I was on stage and I have to do it well. I feel a lot of respect for the public,” said the veteran singer before the demands of the audience.

Carole Miles, with Primera Hora, reveals her reasons for retiring from music.

“I had a hard time with my divorce from Pedro Cabrera, and I forgot a lot of the songs I used to sing. “I had to retire and I moved to Orlando, Florida, where I have been for over 29 years,” he said.

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Miles, who was married to Tony Faria for 33 years, was about to make a “comeback” in her singing career.

“When he went to live in Florida a few years ago, my beloved pianist Jaimeto Ambier awakened the sleeping singer in me. I was preparing to come back, but unfortunately he died and everything was there,” he said.

The artist, who co-hosted the now-defunct “Soul Train” show on Wapa Television with Malin Falu in the 1970s, plans to perform again in Puerto Rico.

“I’m preparing again because I have to do it well. It will be here at Musas y Eventos, where I will introduce myself first,” confirmed the blonde-haired singer.

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