Carol Zig’s bizarre disease causes her to gain weight despite diet and exercise

What happened Carol G.? Popular “Pichota” He is one of the most successful singers in recent years and has achieved all through his artistic endeavor. The Colombian artist won his first Billboard, but there were also times when he was confused by a medical condition that affected his body weight.

The celebrity resumed the highest point of her career with the appearance of the songs “Provence” and “Mommy”, which gave her the record that only Selena Quintanilla can remember. Carol G, in this way, has left the media influence that caused her breakup with Anuel AA, who formalized her relationship with Yalein La Mass Viral, and now she focuses only on her music.

However, the path of the public is not always rosy. One of the hardest moments she had to live with was when she found out about a strange disease that did not allow her to lose weight.

Which disease affects Carol G’s weight?

Carol G., in 2018, said that despite exercising and eating habits, she suffers from a specific condition that does not allow her to lose weight. Little does he know that the answer lies in his endocrine system.

“I had completely raised insulin and I had a gland that was active in women when they gave birth, that is, my body gave birth and became completely swollen,” Bichota said in an interview with MezcalTV.

He explained that the criticism on social media was hurting him, but that he had decided to block those who commented on his body, leaving him to testify that he had to live for a medical problem, making it clear that no one had any right to do so. Say something about the appearance of others.

“At first it affected me because I was like ‘What if I want to become a plump woman?’ It affected me so much. People still look at me like this, some people keep telling me comments and things, when they leave, I cancel everything, I don’t like it, ”the singer said.

What was Carol G’s first presentation like?

Carol G, on the other hand, gave her first “concert” in front of a group of family and friends when she was five years old, while her father accompanied her on guitar. In the clip, she looks so excited that she sings with full force as her audience praises her for her artistic talent.

The same “Pichoda” shared the family record with his followers through his official Instagram account. The release, of course, had millions of reactions, between “likes” and comments from her followers who spoke of little Carolina’s tenderness.

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