Carol G. falls down the stairs of her concert stage in Miami

Colombian Recatton Carol G. He was performing a concert yesterday Friday at the FTX Arena in Miami, Florida (formerly known as the American Airlines Arena) as part of his “Pichota Tour” program.

The incident happened when the shoes of the Antiochian artist got stuck between the stairs of the stage where he sang. At that moment, as Carol G was on top of the stage, she fell down the stairs to the main stage.

The footsteps of that fall, which were reported in several videos through social websites, were heard on the microphone in his hand. Even the public was silent for a few seconds until the artist known as “La Pichoda” stood up.

After the fall, one of the dancers who came with the reggaeton joined him, but the singer chose to continue the concert, which received her applause from the fans there.

In an interview New day, The singer revealed on October 15 this year, that it was a dream Puerto Rico Coliseum Just like the best artists of the genre he admires.

Recatton presentations in Puerto Rico are scheduled for today, Saturday and tomorrow at “Chloe”.

For now, neither the concert maker nor the performers have expressed themselves after the fall, so it is assumed that their presentation on the island will continue as planned.

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