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Netizens have been paying close attention to content posted on social networks involving animals for years and to condemn any approach to the purpose of technology. Join forces to assist humans and, if necessary, personally.

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Celebrities do not escape the watchful eye of animal lovers, many of whom are known to support organizations or have their own shelters, but there are other characters who have caused corruption to star in controversial scenes.

If you want to meet artists who have been criticized for their ‘wrong’ attitude with their pets in various videos or photos, read on.

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Famous Colombian singer has been severely reprimanded for posting a video on his Instagram account, where he is seen Dances a song with his dogOne who has to stand on two legs to reach the height of a translator. Followers Maluma The animal was said to be tired and he was called an ‘abuser’.

Carmen Villalophos

Actress “Without breasts, there is no heaven” He shared a few photos with his fans Wild bird Giving a pose inside a country house. When the bird was observed outside its habitat, the public erupted in anger; So Barranquilla had to clarify this issue:

Guacharaka like turkeys, red fish, chickens are completely free in this place. She was not abused and was not in jail. He’s used to being human, ”he said on his Instagram.


Jabalvin, another Colombian singer who was in the eye of the storm, when he posted a photo in public in which he saw one of his dogs. The tail is painted in different colors. Faced with this fact, Netizens told him that dyes can damage the health of animals; To which he replied His tail was never abused at any time”.


The versatile Mexican artist caused a public outcry by sharing a picture she found with him Dog with bound ears. This animal reflects to fans that it has undergone some cosmetic surgery, which is why they called it ‘abuse’. The truth has never been clarified by the translator “from that night”.

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