Carmen Villalobos is wearing a mini dress like Carol G.

Carmen Villalobos She is one of the most beautiful actresses on TV. Her sensuality and beauty not only guided her as part of important projects on the small screen, but also made her one of the most acclaimed models in the United States. Now, the Colombian has taken advantage of his social networks Show how you enjoy photo shoots.

The heroine of “Cafe Con Aroma de Mujer” shared a video on her Instagram account where she shows how time passes when they are invited to take a photo. In the video he appears with A mini dress that leaves little to the imagination, With showing her curves and her shaped legs.

In the clip, he not only smiles but also enjoys the momentYou can see him taking the forbidden steps to the tune of Carol JiMany fans did not hesitate to compare them and confirm that the actress copied the style of the singer.


Post titled: “Let good music and good attitude never fail in our lives. Have a delicious time under the lens of @ferriveraruiz! Remember the super photo session… ” The actress is seen dancing in a tight green dress with fringes on her chest and arms. Details that give a special touch to the dress he wore for “Para Dodos” magazine.

The clip quickly went viral because her fans could not miss the opportunity to give love to a video in which she shows Latin taste for everything she gives and that smile that captivates anyone who sees her. In two days, he received more than 510 thousand likes and endless comments.

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In the very best news: “Woooouu precious !!!!!”, “Lindaaaaa”, “Newscasts are going to say she’s free”, “Pure energy and not beautiful, next”, “A girl is so awesome. Beautiful and beautiful I love your photos and videos Beautiful girl”, In addition to the small fires that shape the words of many hearts and their fans.

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