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After starring with Catalina Santana in recent years she has become one of the most beloved of Colombian actresses.“, Nothing was called to unify the cast of the remake””, Where he gives life , The villain of the new Telemundo product.

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Throughout his nearly 20 years of experience, he has won the affection of the public who follow him on his social networks, but Barranquilla has always taken care of his personal life. For her, the most important thing is to set aside her closest space from the reflectors.

Although she was reluctant to learn her life within four walls, the 37-year-old actor was encouraged to show part of the house she shares with her husband , He said he missed a lot because he had to live elsewhere because of the series’ recordings.

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Next, we’ll show you what the actress ’home looks like, where she spends her days with her partner and her three pets: Freud, Mambo and Cappuccino.

The whole family enjoys life. (Photo: vcvillaloboss / Instagram)

House of Carmen Villalopos

The house of Carmen Villalopos is located in Bogot, A place that was responsible for giving its special connection. So we have The exterior is covered with ancient ash stone, Which gives it an antique and elegant tone.

Once inside you can see it The white color dominates and the floors are made of wood. An entirely Scandinavian style. The living room has blue furniture and a wooden and glass coffee table.

The furniture was made of wood, with a minimalist look. Regarding decoration, The whole house has flowers like white and pink jasmine, and houseplants like potash, Gives more elegance and simplicity to all places.

When, Your room has white tones and laminated wood flooring, and the lighting is based on warm tones. As for its bathroom, it offers a wide variety of pastel colors. There are polished elements made of glass and marble, which have been used in common areas such as stairs and lobbies.

Telemundo enters his house and shows us a part of the property of the actress and her husband.

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