Carmen Salinas described how difficult it was for her son to get out

Definitely one of those life-affirming moments Carmen Salinas Placeholder Image The loss of a son forever Pedro Ernesto Placencia salinas Only 37 years old; This caused the actress deep pain and she learned to live with him, but she never coped with her absence.

Dear Carmen Salinas Lozano Even before he lost his son in an interview, he admitted how difficult those months were because seven months before the news came that everything would change, his son had lung cancer.

The producer of Aventura, one of Mexico’s most popular playwrights, shared that he agreed that his son wanted to stop living because his pain was so strong and he was suffering so much from cancer.

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They informed me that he was very ill and that he had left me seven months later. I remember my son Pedro telling me he could not bear the pain so he wanted to stop living, the TV star shared for the Hoy show.

It’s an April 19 Carmelida salinas He lost his son Pedro Placencia at the age of 37, and in this 2021, his son turns 27 years old. Every year, the statue Show The Mexican remembered him most emotionally on social networks.

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Carmen Salinas described the difficult moment as, “I want to stop living.” Photo: Twitter.

He is my beloved son Petrito Placencia Salinas, who passed away on Monday 19th May 27 years ago, the television star shared on social media that he hopes you will join in a prayer for my eternal rest of his soul. With a photo of your son.

However, apparently April 19th is not a good date Carmen Salinas Placeholder ImageWell, on the same date she lost her beloved girlfriend celebrity eyebrow chattido, but 9 years ago, she promises that she will live with great sadness for this day.

Today, April 19, my son Pedro turns 27, my best friend El Chatido passed away, 9 years later, went with our Lord God and on April 19, he passed away, I live very sadly, Salinas shared on his Twitter account last April.

The actress pointed out in a video that April was full of mixed feelings as she was born with so many loved ones like her granddaughters, daughter-in-law and her brothers, but she has lost so many loved ones like her son. Pedrito, Chatito Cejudo and a few more friends.

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