Carlos III’s rebellious gesture would have unleashed his misfortune since 1953.

Carlos III’s rebellious gesture would have unleashed his misfortune since 1953. (Photo: AFP)

The coronation is almost a week away Charles III, News around British Crown They never stop spinning.

Now it’s related to pique the public’s interest Superstitions During and until the reign of Elizabeth II’s eldest son the throne. Given the antiquity of royalty, there are many beliefs that have transcended time and still perpetuate the view of the occupants in the public eye. Buckingham Palace.

Recently, the king was known to have gestured with the appropriate piece of the crown, which would have condemned him. Unfortunate life

This happened when the then heir to the crown was a boy of four. Carlos attended his mother’s coronation. Queen Elizabeth II in 1953.

England’s Prince Charles makes his first public appearance at Westminster Abbey during the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. (Photo: Getty Images)

In his first appearance Westminster Abbey, The Prince sat between the Queen Mother and Princess Margaret.

Records at the time showed Carlos was visibly upset, because it is believed that his hair is meant to be used to fix it. Photos from the day showed the young heiress with a look that indicated her discomfort.

In one of his acts of rebellion, the little prince put his foot on the holy crown Saint Edward, This quickly created ideas about his doomed future.

For those who knew exclusively about royalty, this was immediately interpreted as meaning. “bad grief” To the future King of England. The reason? It is considered unlucky to touch or wear the crown before he sits on the throne.

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Carlos’s gesture, which had gone unnoticed, was later seen An unfortunate act will mark his fate.

Queen Elizabeth II returns to Buckingham Palace after her coronation at Westminster Abbey, London, June 1953. (Photo: Print Collector/Print Collector/Getty Images)

This superstition, with centuries of tradition and history in the British monarchy, has given rise to all sorts of speculation about what the reign would be like. Charles III, Well done The crown is believed to have divine power It is to be used only by the crowned king Anointed by God.

The coronation ceremony King Charles III of the United Kingdom It will take place on May 6 at Westminster Abbey, and it was recently confirmed that Prince Harry will attend his father’s coronation. Without the company of his wife, Meghan Markle. This information was released by Buckingham Palace, in which Mr Duke of Sussex if he appears.

“Buckingham Palace is delighted to confirm that The Duke of Sussex will attend the coronation at Westminster Abbey On May 6. The Duchess of Sussex will be in California with Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet.He said in a press release.

This will be the first time Harry After creating controversy by publishing her memoirs, she was seen in public with the royal family Spare: In the shade. It was also known that the coronation of the king was a few days later Charles III, Princes Harry and William are not related.

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