Carlos Bonavitz proposes “Cobracha” to help Laura Bosco and pay SAT

Laura Bosso The millionaire loan it holds is again the target of controversy Service tax administration (SAT), however, celebrities did not hesitate to express their support for the Peruvian driver like the actor Carlos Bonavitz Who proposed a package to help her pay for it.

Editor “Laura in the United States“He was charged with tax for selling a property seized by SAT, and the judge imposed a fine of 300 thousand pesos to prevent him from being taken to jail, the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) demanded. Interpol A red token to search for poso in more than 180 countries.

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The driver at this time The fugitive from justiceYes, her arrest was given the green light, and even if the loan with SAT continues, she is expected to repay it, meanwhile celebrities have called Laura Poso ready to help her.

Laura Bosso and Carlos Bonavitz. Photo: Instagram programahoy

In this case, the actor who gave life “Hucho DomingusHe pointed out in an interview with journalist Ernesto Butron that he did not have the money to help Laura Bosco, but that he could support her by raising money and making a “cobra” to pay off her debt. Otherwise he could face up to nine years in prison.

“I send a warm greeting and support to my dear Laura … and what, if she has no money, I say, OK I have no wool, but we can get together and do something.”CobrachaYou can’t help her and make firewood from a fallen tree, this time we are all suffering from economic problem, ”the actor said.

The actor currently points out that he owes money to the tax administration service, however, he has reached an agreement and is now paying it off a little bit.

Laura Bosco missed the wedding

He got married this weekend Conquest of the Poso Fountain, Daughter of Laura Bosso, in Angels With Adam, an advertiser who owns an agency in California, she was unable to attend the important ceremony due to the legal situation where the driver is present.

Fleeing from justice is beginning to take its toll Laura Bosso His daughter would have arranged the wedding at the place where her mother would have attended, as she could not have had more memorable moments in her life.

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On the other hand, in an interview with Nota TV, a close friend of the driver said that Bosco was terribly scared when she went to jail and thus she stopped eating and sleeping. To control anxiety. He promised that he would try to sell his luxury items to other celebrities and get him back.

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