Cardinal Rosa Chavez: “The world has joined us in the peace process, and now it will come with us to restore democracy.”

To the Cardinal, democracy in El Salvador is “intensive treatment, it is almost in its final stages.” He urged the government to correct the ruling allowing the re-election.

To Cardinal Gregorio Rosa Chavez, democracy in El Salvador is in a state of “intensive treatment”, which he compares to a deadly disease that is already “in the final stages”; However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat President Conte’s government.

“The world came with us to the peace process and now it will come with us in the process of restoring democracy and true democracy,” he explained to various media outlets on Sunday.

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In fact, since February 9, 2020, international organizations monitoring human rights and other dignitaries of the judiciary have had their eyes on El Salvador and have placed greater emphasis on the first blow of the May 1, 2021 constitution. Judges of the Constitution Room and the Attorney General.

As El Salvador celebrates the 200th anniversary of its independence, the cardinal lamented that the latest steps taken by the government against violations of the rule of law and the constitution have been made in a civic month.

“We are in the month of the motherland, the month of independence, the month of happiness in the country in general. We should be happy, happy and excited, but today we are worried,” Rosa Chavez lamented.

According to the Cardinal, two laws are being weakened at this time, with the ruling bench in the Legislative Assembly following the “rule of law” and the amendments to the Judicial Work Act and the resolution of the Constituent Assembly imposed by the administration.

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“We share the view that we must respect the Constitution, which does not allow immediate re-election, but what happened? The rule of law and the proper process have been destroyed. If they do not take refuge, bad things may happen in the future, and it will be convenient to see it clearly with a sense of patriotism and responsibility,” he suggested.

Now that no one can be sure that true justice will be served, Rosa Chavez is sending compulsory pensions to all judges over the age of 60, before dismissing dozens of judges ordered by the administration and approved by the official bench. They have worked in the judiciary for 30 years, under the guise that they are fighting corruption because of this move.

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“For what purpose? Of course justice must be independent. Who now feels safe in the face of an accusation, is judged fairly, no one feels safe because the balance is not equal, it is bent, it is not good for a country,” the cardinal said.


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