Candola with Chavista products falls on Anzotequil toll (VIDEO)


A Mack brand gondola carrying bags of CLAP food sent to Bolivar state, yellow, plate C3BGAZ, crashed this Sunday afternoon at the Angostura Norte tollbooth in the municipality of Independencia, south of Anzoátegui.

By: 2001 online

According to Polianzoátegui's statement according to Diario El Vistazo, the heavy vehicle was driven by Ramon Cedeño, who allegedly fell asleep.

The truck hit the back of a green Mitsubishi Signo model, license plate MEK-13K, driven by Jesus Arias; It also hit one of the toll booths where worker Kitselia Karias was, who was unhurt.

You can read the full note here 2001 online

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