Canada suspects Iranian probe into passenger plane hijacking

A few weeks after the first week of the fall of some of the missiles fired by the Ukrainian plane of the Revolutionary Guards in Tehran, Canada doubted that an Iranian inquiry would be appropriate to answer all questions about the incident, calling on Iran not to allow itself to be investigated. .

Former Prime Minister Ralph Goodell, who is currently serving as the government’s special adviser on the tragedy, said in a statement: “The responsible party is investigating itself; Mainly in secret, it does not inspire confidence, ”according to the Agency France-Presse.

In turn, he noted that the 79-page document was the latest manifestation of Western frustration with Tehran’s handling of the aftermath of the disaster that killed 176 lives. Of them, 138 are Canadian citizens.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau praised the report and called on Iran to “answer deeply with evidence” to the questions it raises. Tragedy “deserves transparency, accountability and justice,” he said.

The positions of the Iranian authorities were contradictory from the first moments of the accident. Iran retreated 72 hours after its first story. The Iranian Revolutionary Guards announced the responsibility of its air force to shoot down the aircraft because in the first moments after the Revolutionary Guards missile attack it was considered a naval missile. U.S. forces have been deployed in two Iraqi bases in response to the killing of Qassim Cholaimani. The “guard” said it had “accidentally” shot down a plane, but for months Iran refused to move it outside its borders before inspecting two black boxes in France.

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The victim, Canadian Minister Ralph Goodell, is working to help the families of the victims and how to deal with similar disasters in the future, the report said, adding that “many of the key details of this horrific accident are unknown.” He added, “Iran is responsible for this. Because it does not conduct its investigations (related to security, criminal, etc.) in a truly independent, objective and transparent manner, it does not have answers to the most important questions.

Kodell insisted that Tehran reveal the reason for the opening of the airspace and the reason why the revolutionary guards decided to shoot down the plane. He said, “If a plane is shot down by the military, it means that the government involved in the catastrophic event (Iran in this case) has full control over the security investigation, despite obvious conflicts of interest with certain guarantees of independence, neutrality or legitimacy.”

In early November, the International Civil Aviation Organization called on Iran to “expedite its investigation” and release a final report on the crash. Earlier, Canada announced in early October that it would set up a commission of inquiry to “gather and investigate” information about the incident.

Gudell calls for a review of current international standards that call for an investigation into the plane crash in the country where the crash occurred. He added, “This situation undermines the credibility of the investigation and creates a sense of impunity by not answering basic questions.” He added, “The ability of the international community to implement effective measures to prevent similar disasters is at stake.”

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