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One day you’re young and the next you’re youngYou have grown your gray hair! A fact that, for some people, can be rather painful, as it is implied as a The first sign of aging. Although it is true that you are They can break out as people get olderSo is this There are other reasons that can cause your departure And many more questions Whether stress could be a factorsomething we’ll talk about in this note.

The legend says that V.I 1793The night before everyone was beheaded The last queen of France, Marie AntoinetteAnd His hair had lost its color and appeared completely white.

It could be another great example of this Former President of the United StatesAnd Barack ObamaSince we stopped Observing the photos taken before reaching the Presidency of the Republic And compared to when he left officeone might notice obvious differencebecause before there was only dark brown hair, and now there are much more gray hair than brown hair.

and that is , Gray hair is hair that lacks melanina tincture that It gives a lot of color to the hairLikes SkinAnd Iris of the eye And body hair. In reality, Hair color is determined by the amount of melanin that accumulates in itbecause the more melanin, the darker the color.

Although there Many factors can explain the result of white hairlike geneticThere are also some ideas Gray hair can respond to stress that we have endured for a certain period of time.

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She says this is a study on stress and graying out

Regardless of Factors that can cause gray hairsometimes we saw how A state of extreme stress can cause white hair to produceBut is this true?

To answer this question, a A team of neurologists from Harvard University He seems to have given the answer: It is the fault of our sympathetic nervous systemthat, before a An intense and prolonged episode of stressAnd The hair follicles will be left free of melanocytes Which, as already mentioned, are the cells responsible for hair pigmentation.

To reach this conclusion, Scientists conducted experiments on micethat they’ve been exposed to in stressful situations, the kinds in which they’ve discovered it, The more they sufferAnd The stem cells at the base of the hair follicles suffered the most.

That’s how they explained it Stress causes them to multiply quickly and with greater intensityuntil exhaustwhich ends with leaving hair Without the tool responsible for coloring.

Bottom line: Gray hair can appear due to stress, according to a study

in this meaning, The study showed that stress causes the release of norepinephrine Chemistry in the follicle that affects the melanocyte stem cells that live there. This process makes They quickly turn into pigment cells and break out of the hair follicles. There are no stem cells to produce new pigment cellsAnd New hair turns gray or white.

When we started studying this, I expected stress to be bad for the body; However, the harmful effects of stress we discovered were beyond what I could have imaginedcommented Dr. Ya-Chieh Hsu of Harvard University, who led the study. “After a few days, all the melanocyte stem cells were lost. Once they are gone, the pigments cannot be renewed. The damage is permanent“.

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Yes good, The reasons why stress turns white hair are still unknownHowever, this study became The first scientific evidence to explain the relationship between both factors. As more responses come in, perhaps the good advice is Learn to take life more calmlyBecause our body will thank us.

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