Can dinosaurs be brought back to life?

If we collected all the genetic material from prehistoric animals, how hard would it be to bring dinosaurs back to life?

At least once in life we ​​had a doubt: Can dinosaurs be brought back to life? So what would it look like to bring them back to today’s biosphere? A paleontologist at Ohio State University asked himself the same questions. with a genetic basis. According to William AshImportant among the genetic material preserved till date.

If its complete genome could be sequenced, the expert wondered at the time, how difficult would it be to bring Triceratops to live with elephants? This is the conclusion he reached after years of research.

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Let the prehistoric beasts breathe again

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To bring back the dinosaurs, Asich explains, The first thing is to get his DNA. completeness. Initially, this represented a problem because genetic material decays over time. Specifically If 65 million years have passed When these prehistoric beasts ruled the earth.

The paleontologist explains that the genetic code is understood as “a set of instructions that help bodies and minds grow and thrive.” Conversation.

The beasts of that distant past breathe again, that is fragments Their genetic material is damaged. Although some fossils preserve truly valuable DNA evidence, Complete sequences are difficult to find.

Not only that. Dinosaurs had soft body parts At that time it is eaten by other contemporaneous species. Fragments that were not eaten by other prehistoric animals decomposed over time, It is impossible for us to get anything more than his bones.

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So can dinosaurs be brought back to life?

Bring the dinosaurs to life
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There are prehistoric animals through the available fragments. Bringing dinosaurs back to life seems like a distant dream. Although the genetic code of these species is compatible with animals that exist today, Asich explains, A strange hybrid may not be a dinosaur.

Instead, it will be: A hybrid of a living extinct animal. So, in short, unfortunately dinosaurs cannot be brought back to life. Of course it’s encouraging: Who wouldn’t be excited to see an ichthyosaur cruising the ocean?

However, private companies like Colossal Biosciences are making serious efforts to bring it about Humans are an endangered species. Among his most ambitious projects were Tasmanian tigers and woolly mammoths—all funded by the CIA. however, In the possible menu you returned, there were no dinosaurs. Or not yet.

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