Can cats recognize names? This is what science says

The the cats she is one from Pets with more intelligence, to the point of developing the skills taught by their owners. Although, there is something that comes innate with felines and cannot be inculcated: learning the names of loved ones. According to important research done in Japan, a small animal can listen to conversations between humans and remember names.

“What we’ve discovered is amazing,” zoologist Saho Takagi, now at Azabu University in Japan, told the Asahi Shimbun after analyzing the results of a lengthy search. In experiments, they examined the cats It lives in famous cat cafes in Japan and thus interacts with many humans and other cats. In the tests, the researchers presented a cat with an image of a known counterpart from the same household called a “cat model” and displayed the image of the cat on a computer screen.

While the image is being shown, the owner’s voice is recorded calling out the name of the model cat or saying a different name. The team found that the cats The homeowners spent more time looking at a computer screen during the contrast condition, possibly because they were puzzled or intrigued by the mismatch between the picture and the name of the typical cat. In addition, similar tests were performed on domestic cats and photographs of their owners, again demonstrating some interaction with familiar images, albeit in a slightly different way.

“Our interpretation is that cats who live with more people have more chances of hearing the use of names than cats who live with fewer people and that living with a family for longer increases this experience,” the specialists say, referring to the ability of Pets.

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Photo: Pixabay

Furthermore, the scientists explained, “In other words, the frequency and frequency of exposure to stimuli may increase the likelihood of name-face association.” That is why they consider it, even though the mind of those Pets Is a puzzle, they have the ability to remember names, which shows their eagerness intelligence.

Photo: Pixabay

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