Camilo walks with Indigo via Mexico and shares that tender moment

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Camilo He is in Mexico with his wife Evaluna and newborn daughter Indigo. As part of a series of concerts he begins His tour “Inside out”.

Last night it was delivered with a full house in the Montreux arena. Through Instagram stories, he shared with his fans some of the most emotional moments he lived, thanking them for the love they gave him on his first show.

Camilo began his world tour in Montreal, Nuevo Lyon
Photo: Instagram camilo

To Camilo The start of this new tour is very special, Because he was the first to do after fathering for the first time and This is the first time his baby has come with him. That’s why, before heading out on a trip, he asked his millions of followers for suggestions on what to pack in a suitcase when traveling with a newborn baby.

Indigo’s visit to the family is described as a blessing, as all members of the Montan dynasty celebrate the baby’s birth and share content about her without showing the little girl’s face until now.

The new video clip he shared is like that Camilo She appeared on her Instagram account, carrying her baby with the help of a scarf When walking the streets of Monterrey.

Camilo travels with Indigo
Photo: Instagram camilo

The translator of “Pegao” will travel through Monterrey to Guadalajara for his concert on May 29, then to Mexico City, where he will perform on June 2 at the Mexico City Theater.

After completing his tour of the Aztec lands, Will travel long distances via Spain, London, USA, Canada and Colombia, Yes, with the women of his life Evaluna and Indigo.

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This is Camilo’s smooth style with Indigo:

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