Came back! Yalitsa Abaricio will make a comeback in the movie starring in the friendly film

It’s no secret to anyone Yalitsa Aparcio As she starred in her role in the Academy Award-winning film “Roma”, she became one of the Mexican actresses with the biggest plans in the world of cinema.

After her sudden appearance, the famous woman was born in the state Oaxaca He has landed in various branches as a host of festivals or as a content creator on YouTube.

However, his return to the big screen will be closer than many thoughts, as it has been reported that he will be collaborating on a film directed by Luis Montoki, best known for productions such as “Fraud: Mexico 2006” and “Voses Innocent”.

What is the film about?

Everything indicates that Yalitsa Abaricio will once again showcase her talent in the film “Presence”, which will tell a horror story and its main location will be Mikovak’s Talalabajua.

Everything indicates that YouTube will also be starring in the plot with Damien Alcazar, who is recognized for his work on tapes such as “El Inferno” and “La Lay de Herotes”.

A few weeks ago, before the Golden Globes 2021 was presented, Yalitsa Abaricio was the host of the show, in which she raised the name of Mexico because of her unquestionable talent in front of the cameras.

In addition, the Mexican actress is collaborating on the streaming company “Peace Be Now Now” series, which also features the participation of the Spanish, Esther Exposito.

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