CADECA will charge commission on bank deposits over 40,000 pesos

The state exchange offices (CADECA) will charge a commission of 1% to those who deposit more than 40,000 Cuban pesos (CUP) on bank cards.

Cybercopa I contacted an agent from the state entity and discovered that the value of commission will be 1% of the total depositors, though he did not give more details of the new procedure.

They explained on social networks that those who deposit less than 40,000 pesos will not have to pay this interest rate.

CADECA pointed out the importance of requiring proof of the operation performed as evidence of the operation performed.

CADECA’s announcement comes shortly after the new services were announced, apart from the buying and selling of coins.

From January you can Make cash transfers to customers’ magnetic cardsand although it only started in Cienfuegos, over time it spread to the rest of the country.

In addition, Is it possible to deposit US dollars into those bank accountsfor later use as a freely convertible currency (MLC).

This last measure does not override the decision to maintain the $100 per customer limit and commitment to use the Application a ticket To know the day that corresponds to the purchase, given the lack of cash that is still present in these exchange offices.

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