CADECA reinvents itself after the dollar’s halt and lack of liquidity in Cuba

the state of it exchange houses (Kadika) They resell their goals in Cuba after The Temporary suspension of the entry of dollars into the banking system and before Lack of liquidity on the island.

from June 21And the CADECA WILL NOT WORK WITH dollar From the United States of America Joaquín Alonso Vázquez, head of the entity, said that business activity with the rest of the foreign currencies is expected to increase, the state Cuban News Agency reported (ACN).

According to Alonso, Kadika It is not only intended for foreign exchange operations (buying and selling), but also seeking Alliances with some companies such as Unión Eléctrica, Aqueduct, sanitation companies and ETECSATo provide your services from our offices“.

Kadika newly Selling started fuel cardsPayment method applied in Havana, Santiago de Cuba, etc In the coming days, it will be distributed to all regions of the countryAlonso said.

This was announced by the official A new facility for travelers to purchase freely convertible currencies will be announced soon (MLC). Although the ACN did not mention it, Alonso noted Dollar prepaid cards They are in testing and are valued at $1,000, 500, and $200.

Alonso said that in recent years CADECA “diversified” its range of services of alliances with The banking system, the National Tax Administration Office, the companies Correos de Cuba, Fincimex and Cubapetróleo (CUPET).

from the call sorting taskstate entity Develops operations with state entities, which are known as third-party depositsHe explained, that they restrict their bank accounts because the amounts or amounts received by units that provide services or sell goods in the national currency are very high.

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CADECA will turn 27 on Monday 14th June. According to the ACN, it is “an economic organization that, since its inception, has contributed to the implementation of the country’s monetary policy and has an extensive network of offices in all regions of the Greater Antilles, to offer financial operations with agility and security to its clients.”

However, Kadika It only fulfills one of its main objectives, the purchase, but It does not have the ability to sell foreign currency or at airports Because of the lack of liquidity in Cuba.

Kadika He responded to the citizens’ criticism with a misplaced statement. “Isn’t this understandable or is it not meant to be understood? If no foreign currency is entered, no foreign currency will come out. In Cuba no foreign currency is issued (they print), only the Cuban peso is issued,” the entity said. . Then the Cubans called her.Chusmeria . Houses.

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