CADECA expands the amount of cash that can be deposited on cards

On Wednesday, CADECA reported changes to one of its services: depositing cash on magnetic cards in Cuba.

Available! Now in our branch network you can deposit more than 40,000 coupons on your magnetic card.

If you want to deposit up to 40,000 CUP, the service is completely free,” they announced on Facebook.

According to the details displayed, if the amount exceeds the previous number, “the customer must pay a commission.”

The network of exchange offices in Cuba mentions the importance of “asking for your receipt as proof of the operation carried out”.

What’s new in the service? In January of this year, CADECA included this feature in all of its offices in Cuba. However, they set a limit on the amount: “If cash exceeds 40,000 kopecks, you will have to go to the bank.”

From now on, currency exchange offices on the island will allow a higher number to be deposited, as long as the client pays a commission for it.

In response to users’ concerns, CADECA Customer Service specified that “the credit of cash will be on the special magnetic card” and that “deposits to cards other than bearer ones are not permitted”.

Card cash deposit: CADECA

They also made it clear on that occasion that the deposit works “only in magnetic cards” and not in savings books.

“Visit any CADECA office in the country and you will be able to deposit a CUP on your magnetic card. You must present your identification document and magnetic card, as well as the amount you want to credit,” it promoted on social networks.

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This month, the entity finally agreed to sell dollars in Cuba to be deposited into magnetic cards.

The new service can be booked through the Ticket app and allows the customer to purchase up to $100 USD to be credited, in real time, to their card.

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