Cabecita Rodríguez put the U.S. ahead, but it didn’t make the cut

America’s eagles struck first In The first leg of the semi-final Before Clausura 2023 SivasBut still They canceled the target What he accomplished, Jonathan Rodriguez.

El Capecita scored well When defining within area With a volley shot He beat Miguel Jimenez in the 31st minute after receiving a long stroke that he controlled.

When the Uruguayan celebrates, the whistler, César Arturo Ramos canceled due to lack of space.

The play was reviewed by VAR and he was in the lead due to a ‘half knee’ Rodriguez and the play is canceled at 34′.

Capecita celebrated everything

After annotation, Rodriguez went on to celebrate when his goal was disallowedWhen he realized that, Ramos approached Palazuelos to argue the play.

The cream-blue striker didn’t understand the resultA person who does not accept gestures of final marking.

Once offside is confirmed, Akron Stadium participants And Chivas fans, They celebrated a disallowed goalBecause it was 1-0 in favor of USA.

Rodriguez’s score was similar In the fight Day 12 is the regular phaseThe Eagles defeated the Rojiblancos 4-2.

There is a scoreless tie at Akron StadiumAmerican goalkeeper, Luis Angel Malacon has already been a factor with at least 4 Chivas goal shutouts.

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